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Not everyone likes watching TV, but you have to admit that there are a lot of excellent series on offer today. Sure, there are still a lot of productions that require little or no brains – though that kind of viewing is refreshing sometimes – but for those who are looking to unwind at the end of the day, there is no shortage of TV shows that will give you something to think about without stressing you out.

Arguably, the best way to enjoy TV as it comes is by subscribing to a service such as those you can find on With these services, you do not have to worry about legalities and other details. You just need to order pizza, grab a beer, and turn on your TV whenever you have the urge to have a laid back night at home.

There are, of course, other alternatives to watching TV shows if you do not have the luxury of following TV schedules. Do note, however, that this is all about legal downloading and viewing, not grabbing whatever content you get your hands on without thinking of the possible ramifications.

One, go for Hulu. The uber popular online service allows you to watch TV shows for free, and if you want even more, you can opt for the premium features. The downside is this is only for those with a US IP.

Two, visit the channel’s official site. Networks have realized that many viewers want alternatives, so they have answered the need. You can watch TV episodes directly from the producing network’s web site. The downside is that not all episodes are available and often, the episodes are offered for a limited time only.

Three, buy an Apple TV. It is relatively cheap and allows you to rent TV shows via iTunes or Netflix, but take note of the word “rent” because it really is just that. For 99 cents, you can rent shows for 48 hours. Not a bad deal, but not brilliant either.

Four, Netflix. The company has gone from pure DVD rentals to including online streaming, expanding its user base in doing so. The downside is that the streaming service has more limited options compared to DVD rentals. Of course, that just keeps improving with time.

So yes, there are many legal options to watch TV shows online, but there are always downsides to downloading and streaming in this case. As mentioned earlier, if you want everything that TV can offer for the best price and least hassle, it is best to take advantage of the real deal – either cable or satellite TV – and perhaps save the online options for back up purposes.

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