Downloading Webinars

Written by Teresa Martinez on July 31, 2013

Seminars conducted over the Internet known as webinars are of great help to many people interested in learning. The webinars being offered today are of such wide scope and nature that almost everyone will find something interesting to participate in. Those who are unable to participate in it sometimes seek to download it on a later date. Is this possible or is it even allowed?


Advantages of Watching Webinars

If only people had their way, it would not be surprising if much more will participate in online seminars or webinars. Humans have the natural inclination to learn and interact with other people but responsibilities and obligations in work or school usually prevent them from doing so. This is one of the reasons why Internet is such a hit. It has enabled people to be connected while being in another place.

Participating in webinars can be done in such a way. Many do so while in the comfort of their homes or while in their offices. The location is’t really an issue since the only things a participant would need is a laptop and a reliable Internet connection.

Constraints in Participation

In spite of this relatively easy way of joining online seminars, there are still people who are unable to join them even if they want to. Obviously, if one is performing responsibilities to family of jobs, it would be impossible to participate. Such is the challenge posed to many.

Fees in joining webinars or other specific requirements can sometimes prevent people from participating.  There are actually many free webinars being offered and online users just have to look which would suit their needs. Lack of opportune time is also a major deterrent to active participation.

The Next Best Thing

Being able to view the webinar on a later date is obviously the next best thing. Many make their webinars available free for viewing while some require payment. The sites in which the webinars are found can provide the information regarding questions of downloading the seminar.

Webinars are owned by its creator. Therefore, downloading requires the express permission of the owners unless indicated that asking permission for downloading is not required. When requested, some organizers do offer their online seminars in a specific format for downloading. Screen-casting as provided by software is still an other option. Many people use this to capture webinars for free.


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3 Legal Ways to Download High-Quality Music for Free

Written by Nick on July 29, 2013

The Internet has made it incredibly easy to get access to music and share it. With services like Pandora and Spotify, music lovers can listen to countless tracks for free.

In addition to streaming music, there are ways you can download music, and probably more legal ways to get that music than you realize. Before you download music illegally, consider these alternatives that still support artists and let you get great music for free.


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Fallacies of Copyright: Making it Right

Written by Teresa Martinez on July 1, 2013

Fallacies are untruths that people may have learned to believe as truths. In the online world, there are many sources of information that can cause confusion. The most critical question is usually this: Is downloading legal?



In determining whether any form of downloading is legal or not, it would always be wise to consult copyright laws. Copyright forms the basis of any person’s claim to exclusive use. Application of these laws however tend to be unclear in the online world.

Copyright is defined as a legal device that provides a creator of any form of art or literature, a right to control the manner by which his or her creation is used. Items intended for copyright must be tangible or something that can be seen, touched, concrete, or real. In order for anything to be considered acceptable for copyright, the presented material must be original and fixed. By fixed meaning that it is written on paper, posted online, or stored in any device. Some examples of copyrighted materials are music, movies, games, photos, articles, and the like.

Common Copyright Fallacies Online

1. Free downloads offered online are not subject to copyright.

This is a common misconception among online users. Free downloads usually present a semblance of complete freedom in downloading. Nothing can be farther from the truth since most sites that offer free download of movies and music are more often than not unauthorized to do so.

2. All materials uploaded online are free-for-all to use.

This is another common  misconception. Any material uploaded online has a creator who is entitled to attribution especially if it specifically requested. The absence of any such request does not mean copying or downloading is allowed. It is always best to trace the owner and provide credit at the very least or ask permission to use if necessary.

3. Illegal downloads are untraceable.

People who believe in this will get themselves into a lot of trouble. With the advanced technology we have today, all online activities are traceable. Some activities like illegal downloading may have legal repercussions.

The main thing to remember here is that behind every creation is a creator. The need to respect copyright may be obvious such as in the case of songs and movies because of existing laws. In the case of other materials  may not be too evident but would still require due respect.

About the Author:
Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information to offer to her readers. She currently maintains four personal blogs.

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Downloading Windows 8

Written by Teresa Martinez on March 29, 2013

Windows 8 Operating System can be legally downloaded in several ways. Computer users should not bother with the illegal way since it will not be of much use any way especially on a long term basis.  While there is a free option which allows users to have the trial version for a limited time, there are paid versions depending on the nature of use.

If the computer in which Windows 8 is not new wherein it usually comes pre-installed, computer users will be looking into upgrading.  Before this can successfully be done, it has to be determined if the PC is compatible to the use of the new OS.  Microsoft’s Windows Upgrade Assistant can easily determine this.

Once compatibility is established and the existing apps and devices of the PC have been cleared for compatibility as well, then it is time to buy and download the Windows 8 upgrade over the Internet.  There are participating retailers that have the upgrade on DVD although this option is not available in all countries.  It has to be noted that whether one chooses to download Windows 8 online or buy it in DVD form, running the Upgrade Assistant is recommended.

Advantages of Using Windows 8

Although shifting to Windows 8 will not be possible for everyone due to computer limitations, there are a number of advantages provided to computer users who are able to successfully make the shift.  Some of these are:

1. Faster Load and Boot Up Speed

The difference in speed is readily appreciated when Windows 8 is compared to its predecessors.  It starts up at least twice as fast as Windows 7.  Waiting time for computer action is almost nil.

2. Touch Experience

Although this is admittedly not the first in terms of touchscreen experience, it more or less “forces” the issue towards a more friendly way of accepting changes that are bound to be inevitable.  Touch support is expected to be at the forefront of products to come.  That said, Windows 8 still provides a pleasant user experience for users who do not have touch-enabled hardware.

3. Unified Devices

Windows 8 can be used in computers, game consoles, and other devices making everything less complicated.  SkyDrive integration is also seen as advantageous as it provides more ways to save and access files.  This has also made possible a reliable back-up of files.

Not everything new is advisable to use.  Some seem not to appreciate the “newness” of Windows 8 specifically in the way of doing things computer users have been accustomed to.  Whether Windows 8 is for you or not, only your experience can answer.

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information.































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The Music and Life of the Rolling Stones through the Years

Written by Teresa Martinez on February 22, 2013

The Rolling Stones 1



The music of the Rolling Stones has spanned fifty years and is not about to stop. The site will not only help the fans remember the music but also those memorable times that have made the band what it is today.  These memories will not always be happy as shown by postcards depicting events that actually happened to them.

Members came and went. Some chose to retire from the active music circuit while others have passed on to the other life. There were accidents, sicknesses, and brushes with the law. The band members lived their image to the hilt as the anathema of the then ultimate “boyband”, The Beatles. While the Beatles’ image was full of sunshine and smiles, theirs bordered on the wild and the unsmiling. Not surprisingly, it actually worked for them.
Illegal downloading was totally unheard of during the early times of the Rolling Stones. Today however, their music has not been exempted since there will always be people who will find their music interesting.  Not all interested people however will be willing to pay. It should be remembered that the Rolling Stones recently defended the costly price of their concert tickets saying that they have to make something ,with a special note that earnings from music has been drastically affected by illegal downloads.

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Downloading Trial Software

Written by Teresa Martinez on February 9, 2013

Most computer users are familiar with trial software.  These are software that can be tried before they are bought.  Once the trial time runs out, the downloaded software can no longer be used and the full version must either be subscribed to or bought outright.

Trial software is actually what used to be known as shareware.  The change in terms was necessitated by the confusion that a software can be shared to indefinite number of users which is not the intention.  The real intention is to show users how a software can be advantageous for them so they will be convinced to buy the product.

Trial software is not to be confused with freeware which is a software that can be obtained for free.  Freeware can be passed on to as many people to use.  Although freeware comes with a clear advantage for being free of cost, there is the risk of it being discontinued once the developers decide to do so.  This can be very disruptive to users so it is best to check with developers with regards to their intention in providing updates as well as technical support.

Using a trial software provides the advantage of being able to actually test a product before even being required to shell out payment for the product.  What’s more, it can be done in several products thereby offering real comparison between choices.  As more vendors come up with trial versions of products such as software, consumers are given more chances to try before buying.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information.

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Downloading Video from Facebook

Written by Teresa Martinez on January 31, 2013

Image: ietedelhi

With so many videos shared in Facebook, everyone is bound to find one or several that will get and hold their interest enough to want to have a way of viewing it again at a future time.  However, like any other materials owned by other people, it is not as simple as copying them in a click. With a couple more of clicks, the right source can allow easy downloading of the material.

Facebook videos are usually downloaded as facilitated by a third party service provider.  Sites that offer such service will provide the simple instruction to accomplish the task. As the downloaded video is saved as an MP4, a compatible video player may also be required to watch the video.  Thus, with a valid Facebook account and a Facebook Video Down, one is set to go.

Even with the simple task of downloading a Facebook video for personal viewing, there are still some unresolved issues with the general concern about the legality of downloading materials done by others.  There is a thinking that says that if the original creator of a video do not wish his or her material to be downloaded, then the material should not have been uploaded in the first place.  The other thinking is that an uploaded material has been placed in the Facebook for specific circle of people.  With the very public atmosphere of the popular social platform, it is very difficult to believe that someone will think that privacy is possible on Facebook.

The dilemma about downloaded materials is expected to continue until it is perfectly understood what constitutes a legal download.  There are many contradicting views so when in doubt, one should probably don’t download.

About the Author:
Teresa is a regular Facebook user who usually wonders about the legalities in downloading.

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Legal Ways to Watch TV Online

Written by Nick on January 30, 2013



Not everyone likes watching TV, but you have to admit that there are a lot of excellent series on offer today. Sure, there are still a lot of productions that require little or no brains – though that kind of viewing is refreshing sometimes – but for those who are looking to unwind at the end of the day, there is no shortage of TV shows that will give you something to think about without stressing you out.

Arguably, the best way to enjoy TV as it comes is by subscribing to a service such as those you can find on With these services, you do not have to worry about legalities and other details. You just need to order pizza, grab a beer, and turn on your TV whenever you have the urge to have a laid back night at home. Read the rest of this entry »

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Downloading User Manuals

Written by Teresa Martinez on January 22, 2013

Image: ubergizmo

All electronic gadgets are supposed to come with user manuals to help their owners find their way into using them correctly.  However, misplacing such manuals is a common scenario unless an owner puts all such manuals in one place.  And even if there is such a place, looking for one specific manual can be difficult if the pile of manuals is considerable.

For helplessly lost manuals or with the sheer lack of time to find them, websites offering download of user manuals for just about any gadget or electronic item may just be the answer.  These websites such as offer hundreds of thousands of this type of manuals.  Searching for the right one is relatively easy, if the required manual is offered.  Searchers can look through the choices which are arranged alphabetically or according to manufacturer or the model number of the device.   The chosen manual can just be downloaded to the searcher’s computer in PDF format.

It is worth noting that many companies are actually offering gadget user information online instead of using manuals.  It is seen as a way of reducing the use of paper.  This option not only eliminates the need to physically hold on to manuals but also the need to provide space for them in the home.  No one needs any addition to clutter.

So much time can be wasted on having to look for lost manuals especially in times of emergency.  What could be better than downloading a manual so that access to information is made more convenient?  This solves the problem of manuals that have been lost through time or buying a gadget on auction or bidding that does not have accompanying manuals.  There is always an easier way of doing things and this option is by far better than looking for lost manuals for hours.

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Quality Movies from Free Movie Sites – Is it Possible?

Written by Teresa Martinez on December 1, 2012

Image: openculture

Isn’t it exciting to see sites offering free download of movies?  Who wouldn’t want to watch a movie for free?  Is it possible however to expect quality from free movie sites?

A quality movie download without any form of payment is just too good to be true.  Too good in fact that one cannot help but wonder if there is a catch somewhere down the line.  The catch – the down-loader can be committing piracy with possibility of legal sanction for a movie viewing that is wanting in quality.  There might even be a “bonus” malware that comes with it.

In this time and age, offering something that is supposed to have been created with much investment in money, time, and talent for free can be a trap specifically if the one making the offer is not the creator of the movie in question.  Offering a movie for public consumption without any express authority to do so is a legal offense.  Accepting the offer does not exempt the down-loader from the liability even if he was not the first illegal down-loader in a long line of illegal down-loaders.

To be ensured of non-liability in the legal front, it would be wise to opt for the paid option.  There is still caveat to this since not all who ask payment for download access are legal.  An additional precaution is to transact only with reliable download sites.

These sites are more able to offer quality movies because they have been authorized to do what they do.  There is no need therefore to resort to practices that tend to shortchange the paying public.  Poor quality download cannot do justice even to the best of films.  It could be a waste of time if one is interested in viewing the movie at its best.  So is it possible to find quality movies from free movie sites.  Possible yes, but probably not.

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